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Film Awards

Best Newcomer Actor in Indonesian Movie Awards 2011

Rangga Djoned (born 18 April 1980, age 31 years) is an actor Indonesia. He started his career in the art world with a starring role in a film by helper Joko Anwar "Joni's Promise" in 2004.

Having starred in television commercials such as Sampoerna Hijau Pro League "crazy volleyball" and SMART phones as well as a few times playing in Film Television (FTV), among others, "Pejuang Cinta" (Starvision) as a supporting talent and "Main Api Sampai Mati" (Starvision), he had a chance to play a role in a movie "Aku Wanita" directed by Robby Ertanto that playing in JIFFest 2009.

Several times Rangga Djoned theater to try out his acting in "Key Exchance" by Kevin Wade as philip (main talent), "Dice and Cards" by Sam Henry Kass as Richie (main talent), "Soft Dude" by Joe Pintauro as Dude (main talent), "Bang-Bang you're dead by william mastresimone monologue" Indians "by Tennessee Williams as John Grass.

In 2010 the undergraduate Art and Visual Communication Design graduate of the University of Trisakti is acting as Romi in the movie "18 +" directed by Nayato Fio Nuala (Starvision). Another film produced in the same year by Break Film and MNC is the "Seribu Sujud". In the film director Nana Gani is Rangga role as Eric (main talent).

In a television movie "Susuk Barbie" is directed by Rudy Aryanto Rangga role as Gofar (starring assistant principal) that is part of a series of Cinema 20's face Gisela Citra Indonesia SCTV Cinema production. Another FTV where Rangga Djoned get the main role is to claim director Peter Suryadi titled "Cinta Bukan Reality Show" (Rapi Films).