Reza Rahadian
Reza rahadian 108


Reza Rahadian





years active

2004 - present




Actor , Director

Film Awards

- Best Supporting Actor in Festival Film Indonesia 2009

- Best Actor in Festival Film Indonesia 2010

Reza Rahardian, or also known as Reza Rahadian is a man born in Jakarta on March 5, 1987, known as a model and actor. Until now, Reza has starred in dozens of film titles sera successfully won many prestigious award.

Reza started his career in the entertainment world when winning the selection of models, Top Guest Aneka Yess! in 2004. At that time Reza managed to become champion Favorites. From here, the road to the entertainment world began to open to Reza.

Starting from the modeling, the actor was born in Jakarta, March 5, 1987 it began to explore the art world role. Several titles were dijajalnya soap opera. ABG, Habibi & Habibah, CINTA SMU 2, IDOLAKU, CULUNNYA PACARKU and soap operas are a few titles he ever did.

From soap Reza started to get some offers to play movies. His acting debut on the big screen the first time at HORROR FILM (2007), PULAU HANTU 2 (2008). From the film with shades of horror, Reza started to prove the quality of his acting on Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (2009). After playing hard temperament, Reza had tried comedy on Kirun+Adul (2009).

Next, Reza was involved in other film projects. He tried to find different characters in every movie that he played. As in the film HARI UNTUK AMANDA (2009) and QUEEN BEE (2009). His act in EMAK INGIN NAIK HAJI is increasingly shining, his name can also be equated with the senior players. Proven in the arena of FFI 2009, he won Best Male Supporting Actor title for his role in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban.

Starting in 2010, Reza back on the big screen movie production MNC Pictures, HARI UNTUK AMANDA. Brilliant achievement in the field of cinema successfully disabet Reza in Indonesia Film Festival 2010 as a major player through the film Best Male 3 HATI 2 DUNIA 1 CINTA.

Not only participate actively in the actor, the man who also had appeared in several teen films is also currently preparing a short film titled MEMBELI DOA. In this film she acted as a director.