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Wicaksono Abdul Salam better known as Roy Marten (born in Quezon City, Central Java, March 1, 1952; age 59 years) is a famous actor in Indonesia in the 1970s until the early 1980s.

Roy began his career as peragawan in Salatiga. Roy had won the King's Boutique in Central Java, has moved to Jakarta. Roy is the third child of six children of the couple Abdul Salam and Nora. The first is the son of Rudy Salam (artist), both Melani Kusuma (wiraswata catering in Jakarta), Roy Marten third, fourth Eri Salam (notary in Semarang), then Ronny Salam (wiraswata cooperatives), and the youngest Chris Hail (lawyers and artist). the heyday of Roy was in 1977 when known as one of the star of "The Big Five", consisting of: Yati Octavia, Robby Sugara, Doris Callebaute, Yenny Rachman, and Roy Marten. So called because the fifth largest honorarium determine the time, Rp 5 million, once the movies. In 1977 Roy also recorded most of his career starring in the film.).

After the national film industry 'faint', Roy turned to television and starred in several soap operas, such as Bella Vista I, II, and III and Kupu-Kupu Kertas and Hanya Kamu.