Winky Wiryawan


Winky Wiryawan






years active

2001 - present




Actor , DJ

Film Awards

- Best Crying Scene in MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2004 (winner)

- Most Favorite Supporting Actor in MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2006 (winner)


ICON Group (Icon Talent Management)

Winky Wiryawan a.k.a Nurayendra Irwindo (born in Bandung, West Java, December 9, 1973, age 37 years) is an Indonesian actress. He is also known as one of the DJ (disc jockey) Jakarta, so the nickname DJ Winky is also attached to himself.

Before plunging into the world of film, Winky has been known as one of the leading DJs under the name DJ Winky. His involvement in the art world began with the role of a star advertising Nescafe, Ponds, and Relaxa. He was later offered a film role as Ferdy in Jelangkung (2001) who starred with Melanie Ariyanto directed by Rizal Mantovani and Jose Purnomo.

Winky then played in a similar-themed movie, Titik Hitam (2002) directed by Sentot Sahid, who later introduced himself as director and producer Rudy Soedjarwo Leo Sutanto. Introductions that are then open up opportunities for Winky played in Singa Karawang Bekasi (2003), and Mengejar Matahari (2004), Thanks to the film Mengejar Matahari (2004), Winky won the category of Best Crying Scene MTV Indonesia Movie Awards (MIMA) 2004. [2]

The year 2006 may be practically year-fortune for Winky. In that year, Winky starred in four films at once, Ruang (2006), Berbagi Suami (2006), 6:30 (2006), and Americana (2006). [3] In the same year, Winky was nominated Most Favorite Supporting Actor in MTV Indonesia movie award 2006 through the movie Berbagi Suami.the film is the same,Berbagi Suami managed to get the Golden Orchid award for Best Foreign Language film in Hawaii film Festival, the United States.

In 2007, Winky play in Surat Untuk Ayah (2007) with Wulan Guritno, and remake the movie Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007). In the movie Badai Pasti Berlalu ever built in the era-1970 (at that time directed by Teguh Karya), Winky play with Vino G. Bastian and Slamet Rahardjo and worked on by Teddy Soeriaatmadja. Wingky act as Helmy, a character who never played an antagonistic character actor Slamet Rahardjo Djarot in its original version.

Winky is married to Asmara Siswandari a.k.a Kenes Andari, which was 3.5 years old to be his girlfriend on October 1, 2004 at Masjid At-Taqwa, South Jakarta.After the previous proposal ceremony done on July 17, 2004.

In Dilemma Movie, Winky role as Said, people who sell religion for worldly interests.
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Winky Wiryawan as Said